Best Joggings Spots and Routes in Naga 

Kyna De Castro

Is jogging one of your fitness routines? There is no need to break your fitness routine while staying at The Litton Hotel whether you are on staycation or business trip because you can still achieve your fitness goals. Naga City has a few jogging spots where you can actually go for a jog. 

Jogging Routes

If you are wondering which route to take for a jog, here are some of the nearest jogging routes you can take with your starting point from The Litton Hotel:

  1. Magsaysay Avenue- Panganiban-Dayangdang
Magsaysay-Panganiban-Dayangdang Route Guide

The Magsaysay Avenue- Panganiban- Dayangdang Route is actually one of the routes you can take for a jog. With the starting point at The Litton Hotel then jogging going northeast of Magsaysay Avenue towards Panganiban Drive, it would probably be 1.2km already as you reach Landbank Naga Rotonda. As you jog, you can enjoy a perspective of all the restaurants and cafes in Magsaysay Avenue.

From Landbank Naga Rotonda to Panganiban Drive, you get to see why it is the busiest road as it is the main road filled with different local businesses and establishments including schools, clinics, and pharmacies. Jogging along Panganiban Drive, you may turn right to Mayon Avenue going Dayangdang St. From Mayon Avenue, you can continue jogging in Mayon Ext. then turn left to Bulusan St. then turn right to Del Pilar St. You will take another left to get to Dayangdang St. You probably jogged an estimate of 1.5km by the time you reach Dayangdang where most of the Kinalas (Naga’s signature dish) houses/restos can be found.  From there it’s a short jog back to The Litton Hotel.    

  1. Magsaysay Avenue- Naga City Science High School
Magsaysay Avenue-Naga City Science High School Route Guide

The Magsaysay Avenue- Naga City Science High School is another route that you can take for jogging. From The Litton Hotel and jogging along Magsaysay Avenue going to Naga City Science High School, this is the shortest route that you can take with an estimate of 1.2km distance.  This is a less busy and more relaxing route along farmlands after passing Naga City Science Highschool. 

With the starting point at The Litton Hotel, you may head southeast on Magsaysay Avenue toward Catmon II St. then turn left onto Leon SA Aureus St. and turn left to stay on Aureus St. and eventually you’ll reach Naga City Science High School. Push through to exit Balatas street then turn left until you get back out to Magsaysay.  

  1. Magsaysay Avenue- San Felipe- Balatas Road
Magsaysay- San Felipe- Balatas Route Guide

Another recommended route that you can take is Magsaysay Avenue- San Felipe- Balatas Road. With your starting point from The Litton Hotel, the distance going to San Felipe would be an estimate of 2.2km and an estimate of another 2.0km from San Felipe going to Balatas Road. 

From The Litton Hotel, you may head northwest on Magsaysay Avenue towards Catmon II St. then continue to the Magsaysay Bridge where you can have a view of the Naga River where the Fluvial Procession during the Penafrancia Festival takes place. From there, you can turn right onto Penafrancia Avenue where you’ll get to pass by the oldest church in Naga, the Penafrancia Church. You’ll also get to see local vendors selling kakanin, fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish along the road. You can continue jogging along San Felipe until turning right at Padre Garcia Street. Jog straight and turn right at the end to get to Balatas Road, then exit back to Magsaysay.

Jogging Spots

If you prefer jogging in one spot where you can go for rounds, here are some of the best jogging spots you could visit near The Litton Hotel :

  1. Basilica Minore

Distance from Litton: 400.0m

Photo by Ralff Nestor Nacor via Wikimedia Commons

Basilica Minore is the nearest jogging spot from The Litton Hotel. Basilica Minore’s grounds have served as a jogging spot that is open for all. Different groups would usually gather here. Its ground is big enough for joggers, cyclists, and zumba enthusiasts to accomplish their fitness goals as the grounds was also able to accommodate thousands of devotees of Inang Penafrancia every Penafrancia Festival. 

  1. Eternal Gardens Memorial Park

Distance from Litton: 950.0m

Photo from Eternal Gardens Memorial Park Naga website

Eternal Gardens Memorial Park is also one of the jogging spots near The Litton Hotel. It is also just a few blocks away from Basilica Minore. Eternal Gardens Memorial Park is one of the places frequented by joggers too because it it is the safest and widest space to jog. Since there are only few cars or sometimes none, even cyclists both beginners and professionals, go here to exercise and practice cycling too.  

  1. Pacol Sports Complex

Distance from Litton: 6.3km

Photo from Naga City Government

Although Pacol Sports Complex is a bit far from The Litton Hotel, it is one of the best jogging spots in Naga. Pacol Sports Complex is perfect for jogging since it is actually made for different sports activities. This is also where local athletes would practice their sport, even for track and field marathons. So the track oval itself became a jogging ground too. Jogging here for a few rounds in hours can definitely satisfy your fitness goal for the day.   

As you take time in dedicating your time to physical fitness, it is always convenient that you have a place to rest and relax after a jog. You can have a rewarding experience at The Litton Hotel where you can rejuvenate your energy as well as unwind in elegance, comfort, and style. 



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