Spend Valentine’s Day at The Litton Hotel: things you can do to surprise your loved one

Kyna De Castro

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Even though we ensure to make our loved ones feel that they are loved every day, Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to take the extra mile to make them feel special on that day. 

If you are still looking for ideas on how to make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special and memorable, how about spending it at Naga City’s newest premium hotel, The Litton Hotel? Here are some of the things you can do to surprise your loved one:

  1. An intimate dinner date at The Litton Cafe

Aside from the fancy, elegant, and romantic ambiance that you can feel at The Litton Cafe, an intimate dinner date is one way of making Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your loved one. Having this chance to eat together in a fine dining cafe is already a good treat. The Litton Cafe serves a variety of cuisine that will surely satisfy your taste as you converse over the most random of things and celebrate all the love.     

  1. Spending some time together at The Litton Lounge

You can always keep it simple just as spending time together at The Litton Lounge. The Litton Lounge has always been designed for relaxation and indulgence. It is cozy enough to make you feel at home. It is perfect for some intimate conversations. You can always order some wine or cocktails and try out the Litton Cheese Board while you’re at it. Or you can also make other surprising arrangements with the help of The Litton staff. Leave it to us and we can make it happen.  

  1. Book a room for surprise arrangements 

Have you ever thought of putting a surprise that would express your love such us decorating the room with floating balloons with your pictures together hanging to it or a room full of flowers and rose petals scattered all over the bed with a cake that says “I Love You”? How about you book a room where you can freely make those surprises? You can make an arrangement for it. The Litton Hotel has different kinds of rooms to choose from that could suit your needs.   

  1. Treat them to an overnight stay at The Litton Hotel

Staying at a premier hotel may already seem like a luxury, but quality time spent together is the best luxury shared. Treating your loved one to an overnight stay at The Litton Hotel is something you can do to surprise them and make Valentine’s Day even more memorable. In addition, you can spend more time together in a room where you can catch up, reminisce, and dream of a future together. Experience the best stay at The Litton Hotel.   

  1. Breakfast in bed

If you are already booked for an overnight stay, why not arrange breakfast in bed? You can always count on the staff of The Litton Hotel in making arrangements such as this through room service. Wouldn’t be nice to wake up to a hearty breakfast in bed on a lazy morning? It is all part of the treat while staying at the hotel. 

  1. Watch the sunrise at The Litton Lounge

Set the mood and start the day right by watching the sunrise at The Litton Lounge while having your morning coffee. The Litton Lounge is a good place to enjoy the sunrise while having coffee together as it faces Mt. Isarog where the sun rises. Thus, it casts a golden light on the lobby. As simple as watching the sunrise together can already be a romantic bond and a memory that you’ll forever cherish. 

Book now with The Litton Hotel to make arrangements this Valentine’s Day! We’ll make it happen. Let us be part of your story. The Litton Hotel ensures to always deliver in making every experience a story to tell. 


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