Child-friendly places to visit when in Naga City

Adeline Vargas

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” – Charles R Swindoll

As parents, our lives have become very busy. A week has passed, a month, and before you even know it, you are yet again preparing for another birthday celebration for your children.

So what should we do to press pause? Travel.

Family checking-in ate the lounge of The Litton Hotel
Family checking-in at the lounge of The Litton Hotel

Every parent knows that traveling with kids is as daunting as it is exciting, but it will surely be one of the best trips a family should ever take.

There’s just so many advice people can hear and say when traveling as a family. Let me tell you which ones top my list

  1. Plan ahead.

Keep your children entertained, but don’t make your trips regimented. It is important to know the places that you can visit so you can go whenever the feeling of wanderlust kicks in.

  1. Keep it simple. 

Simple is special. Go somewhere near or far, travelling doesn’t have to be a thousand miles away from your hometown.

If you are traveling to Naga City, here’s a list of child-friendly places that you can visit:

1. Winwin Leisure Strip

There are so many things you can do here. There are bicycles for one or two and a playground where kids and kids-at-heart can play too. 

Address: J57Q+XPW, Naga, Camarines Sur

Distance from the hotel: 9 min (2.8 km)

Facebook: WinWin Leisure Strip | Facebook

2. Haciendas de Naga Pili Park Cafè

An open space park with a restaurant where guests can dine, while their kids can play.

Address: J7V8+P35, Nursery Rd, Naga, 4400 Camarines Sur

Distance from the hotel: 20 min (10.9 km)

Facebook: Haciendas de Naga Pili Park Cafè | Facebook

Photo credits: Haciendas de Naga Pili Park Cafè

3. Jadenland Playhouse

A playhouse that offers new experiences to kids, and to their parents who are kids-at-heart. Experience their Interactive Wall and Floor Projector, and many other things that will surely take sensory play to the next level.

Address: Level 3, Robinsons Place Naga 4400 Naga City, Philippines Roxas Avenue, cor Almeda Hwy, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga, Camarines Sur

Distance to the hotel: 9 min. (2.7km.)

Facebook: Jadenland Playhouse | Facebook

4. Pin Cafe

Enjoy a laid-back day with coffee, conversation, and light games. All while basking in the exquisite view of Mt. Isarog.

Address: Naga, Camarines Sur

Distance from the hotel: 9 min (4.1 km)

Facebook: Pin cafe | Facebook

Photo credit: Pin Cafe

Photo credit: Naga City Government
Photo credit: Naga City Government

5. M Plaza

Choose from a variety of restaurant options while letting the kids roam around the play area. There’s cycling for the older kids, a free playground for the younger ones, and an area with inflatables for the smaller kids.

Address: Mendoza Plaza Building, Diversion Road 4400 Naga City, Philippines

Distance from the hotel: 5 min (2.1 km)

Facebook:  M Plaza Diversion | Facebook

6.Eco Park

One of the best spots for a picnic! Enjoy a quiet day, stroll around, and finally have the time and place to listen to your children’s endless stories.

Address: Zone 6, San Felipe, Naga City

Distance to the hotel: 7min. (2.9km)

Photo credits: Lakwatserong Irigenyo

Photo credits: Lakwatserong Irigenyo

7.Carnival LCC Naga City

If you are in Naga City during September, make sure to catch the carnival. Keep the kids entertained with a variety of rides and games, while grabbing some snacks in between.

Address: Brgy. Sabang Naga City beside LCC Mall

Distance to Hotel: 10min.(3.7 km)

Photo credit: Pong0908
Photo credit: Chinitong Manlalakbay

8. Vista Mall – Kinder City

Kinder City at Vista Mall is the ultimate indoor playground for your children. Play with them or stroll around the mall while they do, either is a good activity for both of you.

Address: Giligan’s Unit 113, Vista Mall Naga, Ground Floor, Naga, 4400 Camarines Sur

Distance from the hotel: 9min. (5.3km)

Facebook: Vista Mall Naga | Facebook

Photo credits: Vista Mall Naga

Photo credits: Vista Mall Naga

9. Pacol Sports Complex

Ready to play an endless game of chase? Pacol Sports Complex will let you do that, and many more.

Address :Pacol, Naga City 4400 Naga City, Philippines

Distance to Hotel: 17min. (8.8km)

Facebook: Pacol Sports Complex | Facebook

10. Camarines Sur Watersport Complex

Between wakeboarding and swimming, the whole family will surely have a fun-filled day!

Address: Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Cadlan, Philippines, 4418

Distance to hotel: 19min. (11.0km)

Facebook: CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex) | Facebook

Photo credits: CWC Wake Park

  1. Choose your home away from home

Whenever you will spend a night away from home, choose an accommodation that will cater to all your and your children’s needs. This is important as it sets the mood of the family as the day begins and embraces each of you with warm comfort at the end of each adventure-filled day.

Choose the newest premium hotel in the city when you come to Naga. Stay at The Litton Hotel,  and make your stay one of the best core memories your child will keep for a really long time. 


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