What and what not to do during Traslacion

Adeline Vargas

Every year, on the second Friday of the month of September, Bicolano Catholics and devotees take part in what is considered the biggest religious gathering in the region called Traslacion, attracting millions of participants and observers from all over the country. Traslacion Procession is held to transfer the image of Ina from Peñafracia Church to Metropolitan Cathedral.

For this year, the Archbishop of Caceres, Rolando J. Tria Tirona, O.C.D., D.D. has released guidelines on which all Priests and faithful devotees should follow in celebrating the Penafrancia Festivities. 

circular number 0012, series of 2022
Guidelines for the Penafrancia Festivity

If you will be participating in this year’s Traslacion, read here to know the order of the procession

Get ready for a very challenging day ahead. Here are some reminders on what one should and should not do during Traslacion.


  1. Do not bring bags and umbrellas.
  2. Don’t bring expensive personal belongings like jewelry, and cellphones.
  3. Don’t drink any alcoholic drinks before going to the event, or bring any alcoholic drinks with you. 
  4. Leave your small children and babies at home under the care of your trusted relatives or friends who won’t be joining the festival. Don’t participate if you are pregnant or have an existing heart condition.
  5. Don’t bring weapons, alcoholic drinks, and illegal drugs.


  1. Get vaccinated. In light of the pandemic, it is best to come to the event vaccinated as you will be exposed to a lot of people. 
  2. Bring a rosary, a white handkerchief, a face mask, and alcohol or sanitizer.
  3. Come early, or come on time. The Paraliturgy will be held at 12nn and will depart from Penafrancia Church at 12:20 after that.
  4. Dress comfortably. Wear light, comfortable clothes and a towel.
  5. Eat a full meal before coming to the festivity, and be sure to stay hydrated and keep your energy up by bringing some snacks too.
  6. Bring an identification card with contact information.
  7. Be familiar with the locations of medical stations, police offices, and other authorities within the location.
order of the procession, Traslacion 2022
order of the procession, Traslacion 2022
  1. If you are living outside Naga, it is best to book a room where you can rest comfortably before and after the festivity. 

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