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Are you a nature lover? While staying at The Litton Hotel for vacation, how about a nature side trip outside Naga City to recharge? Escape the busy city and go for a drive. Let’s visit some of the local nature tourism sites nearby Naga. Let us help you with your travel itinerary. 

  1. Malabsay Falls

Location: Panicuason, Naga City
Distance from Litton: 16.5km

Photo by Xeres Gagero

If you are into waterfalls, you can definitely visit Malabsay Falls. It is just a short drive away from the city. Malabsay Falls is one of the hidden gems of Naga. It is located in the upper barangay of Panicuason situated at the foot of Mt. Isarog. You may need to trek a little to reach it so make sure you are prepared for it. Wear comfy clothes, use shoes or sandals fitting for a trek, stay hydrated, and bring food but clean as you go. 

Directions: How to get to Malabsay Falls

  1. Panicuason Hot Spring Resort and Adventure Park

Location: Panicuason, Naga City
Distance from Litton: 14.8km

Photo by Romer Philip Maula

Relax and take a dip in the waters coming straight from Mt. Isarog and try the hot springs, you can visit the Panicuason Hot Spring Resort. Did you know that hot springs have health and medicinal benefits too? Hot springs can improve blood circulation, treat skin infections, reduce stress, detoxifies, and boosts the immune system. Also, as an adventure park, it has several recreational activities like zipline and zip bike.

Photo by Marion Bandin

Directions: How to get to Panicuason Hot Spring Resort and Adventure Park 

  1. Pacol Flower Farm
    Location: Pacol, Naga City
    Distance from Litton: 9.0km
Photo by Rhona Vi Reyes

Feel like you’re in Baguio at the Flower Farm located at Pacol which is just a few drive away from the city. Get a new breather and feel the fresh air. You can find a variety of flowers from the Flower Farm and you may harvest as many fresh flowers as you want. Your short visit is a big help to our local flower vendors. 

Directions: How to get to Pacol Flower Farm

  1. Naga Eco Park

Location: Pacol, Naga City
Distance from Litton: 3.2km

If you want to chill and relax, why don’t you try going for a picnic with the family instead? Naga Eco Park is a great place for picnic dates and serves as a breathing space from the bustling city. It is also a good place where you can enjoy and explore different recreational activities with your family since it is a 3-hectare park. It is also a child-friendly park since it has a kiddie park and playground for children. One of the main attractions here is the garden maze which you can actually enjoy and try to find your way out of it. Also, different species of trees and plants can also be found there. And since it is an eco-park, make sure to bring your garbage with you. Clean as you go. Let’s be responsible tourists/ visitors. 

Photo by Erick Lee Khan

Directions: How to get to Naga Eco Park

  1. Sambo’s Farm

Location: Carangcang, Magarao
Distance from Litton: 8.2km

Sambo Farm is one of the newest farm tourism sites nearby Naga and is located at Carangcang, Magarao. Sambo Farm is known for its beautiful flowers especially the sunflowers and the colorful Celosia argentea (also known as plumbed cockscomb plant or silver cockscomb). Aside from bamboo cottages where you can chill, they have sites to check out and enjoy too. You may see their Sunken Garden, the Hobbit House (yes, like the one in Lord of The Rings), Bridge of Love, Flower Farmacy, and, Play Park.  You may even try their food made especially made with homegrown ingredients and enjoy alfresco dining. 

Photo from Sambo’s Farm Facebook Page

Directions: How to get to Sambo’s Farm

  1. Ocampo Deer Farm

Location: Sta. Cruz, Ocampo, Camarines Sur
Distance from Litton: 36.2km

The Ocampo Deer Farm is also located at the foot of Mt. Isarog in Sta. Cruz, Ocampo. The local government has been managing the deer farm as part of their local tourism. You can interact with deers at Ocampo Deer Farm. You may feed and pet them. Just don’t touch their horns because they might attack you. They are sensitive when it comes to their horns. But Deers are actually friendly creatures. 

Directions: How to get to Ocampo Deer Farm

  1. Pinit Strawberry Farm

Location: Pinit, Ocampo, Camarines Sur
Distance from Litton: 33.8km 

Who would have thought that we also have strawberries here in Camarines Sur? No need to go to Baguio or Benguet for strawberry picking because we also have one here being cultivated. The Strawberry Farm is located in Pinit, Ocampo, also near the foot of Mt. Isarog where the climate is humid, perfect for the strawberries to grow well in such weather conditions.

Directions: How to get to Pinit Strawberry Farm 

  1. Hibiscus Camp Consocep

Location: Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur
Distance from Litton: 

Photo from Hibiscus Camp Consocep Facebook page

If you just want to relax, feel nature, and enjoy the view of Camarines Sur from Mt. Isarog, Hibiscus Camp is the best spot to retreat. It started with just a small aesthetic rest house until it was developed as a campsite and resort as it rose to fame, attracting more road trippers and tourists visiting the province. Moreover, from there you can also visit some of the waterfalls nearby. You are anyway, already at Mt. Isarog. 

Directions: How to get to Hibiscus Camp Consocep

  1. Century-Old Balete Tree
    Location: San Antonio, Baao, Camarines Sur
    Distance from Litton: 35.7km
Photo from Naga City Deck Facebook page

One of the newest nature tourism attractions in the province is the Century Old Balete Tree in San Antonio, Baao, Camarines Sur. Those traveling or in the mood for a road trip would often take the route going up here not only to visit the century-old tree but also to enjoy the great view of the Rinconada district from there. It would be nice to have a picnic there too. Also, a perfect and breathtaking view will make you feel relaxed and forget all your worries. 

Directions: How to get to Century-Old Balete Tree

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